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Pete Marshall

Pete is a dedicated environmental artist who uses knowledge from her Veterinary background to create striking artistic works of wildlife and its environment in an empathetic and perceptive manner, borne of years of study and observation.
She has travelled widely to research her subjects, visiting conservation projects around the world, as well as exploring wild places to personally capture images of her subjects in natural settings where possible. Her skilful use of different media creates an eclectic selection of paintings to bring to the viewer the beauty and fragility of the natural world in which we all live and which we stand to loose.
In 2012 she undertook an intensive trip to India and Nepal initiated by an invitation from Singinawa Lodge and Tiger Sanctuary to join a group of artists gathered from around the world, Their mission statement
“Artists from across the world unite to help to save the last of the wild tigers.”
Pete has recently held very succesful solo exhibitions to raise funds for Eyes For
Africa - cataract surgery in Ethiopia. The exhibition raised enough to purchase a portable
slit lamp and other major equipment.

“I feel I am at a point in my life where I like to use my art to make a difference in this world of ours - and to support and encourage others who are treading the same pathways. Consequently when I travel to these far flung places, I try to donate resulting art works to them - for fund raising or awareness raising, or what ever.
I should also like, through my art, to encourage viewers to see the beauty around us
from the miniscule to the massive, and realise that we stand to loose not only the wildlife,
but the clean water, unpolluted air, the valuable soil and oceans. To think more deeply
about the value of the environment and its inhabitants to the global situation which affects
us all in the end, and the sustainability we need to foster for us to survive on this little
blue planet in the vast expasion of the cosmos.

Milestones Include:
International Invitation - Best of Worldwide Artists Publication Vol 1 USA 2013
International Finalist Selection - The Artists Magazine, USA. Wildlife 2012
International Finalist Selection- Birds in Art USA 2011 ʻ10ʻ 09 ʻ08
International Finalist Selection- Artists For Conservation, Canada 2011, Sig Memb
International Finalist Selection- The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, 2011
National Finalist Selection - The Mortimore Art Prize 2012 Drawing & Waterscape
Australian Guild of Realist Artists - Signatory Member Status 2011
Australia Post - Stamp Design
Wildlife Artists Society of Australasia - Best Exhibits, Pastel and Drawing Awards.

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