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Feb 2017

Well I have to say this is the pinnacle of my art career. I was just announced the Gold Award Winner of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists 6th Annual Art Show in Adelaide South Australia in the Master Class.. I immediately burst into tears. Just can't explain the excitement I feel at the moment. Just dumbfounded and elated. My congratulations go out to all the other artists who are exhibiting and especially all the other award winners which were all so well deserved. Let's hope there are lots of red dots now :) Now for some champers. Thank you to Cynthia ten Bras for allowing me to base my work on one of her beautiful photos as a reference



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Lesley Barrett

From the time I could hold a pencil at a very early age, I knew that art and painting would become a big part of my life.It was nurtured during schooling and I dabbled again at different stages of my life.But recently I discovered scratchboard art. I love the drama of the medium and the way it stirs curiosity whenever it is on display.

Most of my subject matter is to do with animals (domestic and wildlife). Like many wildlife artists, I am alarmed and very concerned about the extinction of so many of our beautiful animals due to many manmade factors. Native habitats are disappearing at an accelerated rate depriving these creatures of their homes. We must do all we can to stop the carnage.Before long, our children and grandchildren will only be able to see some of them in zoos (if they are lucky) or in text books when the zoos are no longer able to breed them due to interbreeding.and insects bring me down to earth and keep me in touch with reality.It is for this reason, I find so much solace and peace of mind in rendering animals in my art.I get asense of awe when painting them and it brings me back to basics.Whether they were a creation of the almighty or evolution, depending on your beliefs, their anatomy and beauty never cease to amaze me.

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