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Watercolour from the Heart

Lena Kukuy's watercolours reflect her love of horses both magnificent and humble. These are her beauties. Years of Russian training and her keen eye combine to show more than an outer beauty. Be it a chookyard, stable, garden or city, Elena's paintings share her feelings for her subject with the simplicity and fluent strokes of an artist who can make pigment work for her.

Lena Kukuy international watercolour artist

Lena Kukuy

7/ 2/ 1963 (St.Petersburg) Russia                                                                                                          
Education and Degrees:

• PHD in Art Sciences (fine & applied arts,design & architecture )                                                               2006
  Academy of St.Petersburg for Design , Arts & Indurty,Russia.
• M.A in Architecture , Fine Arts Academy,Repen Institute,                                                                        1987
  St .Petersburg ,Russia.
Professional & Academic Experience:

• Taught in The Higher Institute of Arts,Trippoli, Libya.                                                                             1995-1996
• Taught Faculty of Architecture,various subjects                                                   1997-2004
   such as: Elements of Architecture, Interior Design, Drawing….etc.
• Created artistic architectural and practical studies for several statues in squares
  of Tripoli under official govermental requests.
• Organized the central square of Jisr Al-Shoughour city,Syria, with designing                                               1998
  and establishing an artistic statue there.
• Designed several architectural exterior and interior design studies for several  
  residential projects in Syria and Libya.
• A lot of her design projects were successfully carried out in several trade offices
 of Damascus.
• Designed and carried out  the setting of several plays on Syrian stage such as :
 the  play “Naboukhaz Naser” , the play “ Rhythms”.
• Participates since 1987  in major official artistic and architetural exhibitions in Syria
 and abroad.
• A member of the teaching staff in “Applied ScienceUniversity” , Jordan.                                                    2006-2008
• Professor at “International University for Science & Technology “, Syria                                                     2008-
  Her house in Damascus was recently destroyed by bombs and she has had to flee to Jordan                                                

Individual Exhibitions:

• The National Museum,Aleppo                                                                                                    1988
• Alsuwaih Gallery,Tripoli,                                                                                                            1994
• Arts House, Tripoli,                                                                                                                   1996
• Kuwait Gallery for Fine arts,                                                                                                       2002
• Al-Sayed Gallery,Damascus                                                                                                        2005

Her Paintings are Purchised by:

• The National Museum, Damascus
• Museum of Dummar city, Syria
• The Ministry of  Education in Syria
• The Ministry of  Education in Lebanon
• The Presidential Palace in Libya

As well as many private sales worldwide, such as:

Russia-  Poland- The United states – Canada-Cyprus-Malta-Italy –Austria-Tripoli (Libya )-Lebanon-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait.

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