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Eric Shepherd

Eric's love for wildlife started in the country side of England. As a young boy he would often sit
mesmerized by king fisher's as they darted back and forth whilst he sat by a river fishing.

Later in his life, his art journey started when his wife asked him to do a panting of a Robin, not realising at that time the dedication and research required to paint both birds and animals in all mediums realistically.

The journey of teaching himself how to paint feathers and fur took many years of observation both in the wild and at local zoos and wildlife parks.
Apart from doing small sketches on site he uses photographic references to completion his paintings in his studio.
He had been fortunate in having his works featured on  Calendars, Greeting Cards, China pottery, and limited edition prints.

His original paintings can be found in private collections all around the world.

Arriving in Australia in 1980 he formed his own company producing pictorial advertising for the large Music and film industries.
Most of his works are produced in Acrylics, oils, and Water Colour. Now he concentrates on his wildlife and figurative artworks.

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