Bill Caldwell oil paintings bring familiar places to life. - The Boathouse Gallery for Fine Art

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Bill Caldwell

Bill Caldwell was born in Geelong, Australia. He first became known to Victorian collectors in the 1970's for his paintings of country towns and still life subjects. Since that time his work has become sought locally and internationally - mainly for his paintings of France, Italy and Greece.With subjects as diverse as architecture, boats and figures, the work is marked by strong draughtsmanship combined with an evocative sense of light and mood.

Bill is represented in the Australian Commonwealth Lending collection, City of Camberwell and North Broken Hill collections; and private collections in England, Greece, Germany, USA and Japan, as well as throughout Australia. Winner of the Camberwell Rotary Club Prize and the Mount Waverley - Singapore Airlines Prize, Bill has had successful exhibitions in Greece, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. He is a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.

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